Safer Surfing: Secure Your Router

If you have grown up in the internet age then being able to navigate all of the technology that you see probably comes a little bit easier to you. But if you are someone who was used to doing things a certain way before the internet then you might be a little lost when it [...]

Do You Have To Add Numbers To Your Password To Make It Really Secure?


While in the past adding numbers in the password would make a big difference, these days the computers that crack passwords are fast enough where adding numbers in there will not help that much. ..

Keeping Track Of All Your Online Accounts

If you are going to open online accounts that have personal information about yourself, you need to make sure that you keep track of them. If you do not keep track of them then you will find out that you have personal information about yourself all over the web

XSS Attacks Are Still Around; Make Sure Your Web Developer Knows This

The main way that you can make sure that your site is protected is by filtering all information that goes in and out of your web page. This will go a long way in keeping you and your users safe.

Skype Can Be Used In Many Different Ways When It Comes To A Web Attack


Another attack that you will see happen with Skype is black hat hackers trying to intercept messages that are sent through Skype. While Skype messages are supposed to be encrypted there have been attacks that have found their way through the encryption. That is why you should always make sure that you have an updated Skype client.

Should You Use Special Browser Plugins To Help You With The Security Of Your Web Sessions?


You have to remember that when you use these plugins you have to pay more attention to what they do. If not used correctly they can affect the quality of your browsing session in a negative way.