Who’s Securing That Proxy Hotspot?

The Beeb yesterday published a story about the proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, based upon new research from iPass. The conclusion of that research was that there will be in excess of 47 million hotspots around the world by the end of this year and the UK already has a ratio of one […]

SSL – Should Your Website Use It?

For many people having their own business to run is a dream scenario. And for the few who achieve that dream, there is no greater joy than being able to be independent setting their own rules and choosing their own schedule. But when you own your own business you will likely find that there is […]

How Hackers Hope To Win At World Cup 2014

Brazil World cup

Every fourth year something special happens in the world of football (or “soccer” if you are reading this in the US). The best players in the game lay aside their club loyalties and come together for a celebration of the beautiful game in which nations battle it out to be crowned as world champions. It is […]

DoS vs DDoS – What Is The Difference?

Dos vs DDoS attack

DoS and DDoS may sound alike but there is one very big difference…

Safer Surfing: Secure Your Router

If you have grown up in the internet age then being able to navigate all of the technology that you see probably comes a little bit easier to you. But if you are someone who was used to doing things a certain way before the internet then you might be a little lost when it […]