Be Prepared When It Comes To People Lying Online About Their Identities

If you want a good example of people who lie online you do not have to go any further than your local cable channels. There is a new MTV show that is called Catfish. It is about people who lie about who they are so that they can get with other people on a romantic level.

Foreign Language Sites And Why The Average User Still Has To Be Careful Of Phishing When Going To Them

While most of the internet is written in English right now, that is slowly becoming not the case. More and more the English language is starting to become challenged for the number one used language on the internet by Spanish, Chinese, and other popular languages used around the world. And that also means that malware is going global as well.

The Non-Technical Side Of Crime On The Internet

One action that you see played out a lot is so called marketers promising something that they cannot deliver. For the most part, a majority of marketers on the internet are legit. They are not trying to scam anyone they are just bringing attention to the product that they represent. But there are a certain segment of marketers that represent items that they know do not work. As a matter of fact a lot of these so called “products” are not really products at all.

People Are Still Scared To Use Their Credit Card Online

People have to realize that the security on the web and on their mobile phones have gotten a lot better. For the most part, any transactions that you do on the phone or online will be safe. While there is still a chance that you may run against some type of fraud with your transactions, you have just as good of a chance of running into credit card fraud offline. So now is the time to take a leap into the future and start making purchases online.

Why You Need To Beware Of Valentine’s Day Dating Scams

valentines scams

Unfortunately, many thousands of people fall for these types of scams each and every year. Make sure you aren’t the next one and have a happy Valentine’s Day.