Sweet Cheese Are Made Of These: Hacking The Rodent Mind

Are your mice dreaming of Mars and a beautiful furry companion? If so, you may not have to go to the trouble of taking them to Rekall to sort their troubled minds out. Scientists at the¬†Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution in Paris, France, have successfully implanted memories in mice in what is the […]

If You Buy Ads Make Sure You Are Not Falling Victim To Click Attacks

There are all types of ways for black hat hackers to be able to make money by scamming people who run ads on the web. An ad only works when you bring someone in who wants to buy the item that the ad is advertising for. If you are just getting someone who clicks on the ad with no purpose of being there then that means you are losing money for no reason.

How The Bad Guys Are Able To Read Your Executables And Reverse Engineer Them

So as a software maker it can be frustrating that the bad guys are able to get your executables and reverse engineer them. But you also have to remember that those same tools are used for good as well. If you want to help your product then you should go the legal route and try to get the websites that host them to shut down.

How Hackers Are Able To Hide Stuff On Your Computer

If you are of a certain age then there is a good chance that you remember how it used to be when it came to computers. Well, the truth of the matter is that over 20 years ago there was not that many people who had a computer in their home. A good amount of […]

What Makes People Want To Hack Things In The First Place?

Some of the hackers out on the internet will help you fight against the bad guys. They are your first line of defense when it comes to try and stop people from hacking into your computer. They are the ones who make your antivirus systems and they are the ones who go out on the internet and try to find where the bad guys hang out at.