Recover Accidentally Deleted Files With Iolo’s Search And Recover

The sooner you start running a data recovery program, the better your chances of recovery will be. However, even if it’s been a little while since you discovered your missing data, all is not lost: even if a file has been overwritten once, it may still be salvaged by an intelligent data recovery program.

Take Screenshots Of Your Server Along With Doing Backups On A Regular Basis

When it comes to the security of your server, you should think about image files and normal backups. That way you know that you are ready just in case anything were to happen.

How Do I Secure The Data Off My Old Hard Drives When I Trash Or Give Them Away?

One of the ways that bad guys are able to get your personal information is through the use of computers that have been disposed of. People will throw away their computers without erasing their data off of it. They think that they are not important enough and that no one will dig in the trash can for it.

How Can You Help Your Business Contain Data Leaks?

If a fellow business owner is able to get your information, with the new technology that is available, they can implement it faster than you can.

USB Data Recovery – Loss Prevention Tips

USB storage devices are very convenient but only when they are working! Keep yours safe and secure so that you don’t end up relying upon data recovery services to get your essential data back.