Dashlane Password Manager Review

Password managers aren’t what I would call ‘sexy’ – they simply serve a purpose, albeit an important one for some people. Dashline goes beyond the normal store it and forget it aspect of what such a program does though – the security score and suggestions of how to improve it could be really useful for some people who have trouble creating strong and unique passwords.

Bitdefender SafePay

I guess this may only appeal to a minority of users – those who use their computers for financial transactions and who don’t already have a robust security solution in place – and if any of you are in that position then you want to be trying out SafePay NOW!!!!!!!!!

GData Internet Security 2014 Review

GData Internet Security 2014 offers fair performance for a fair price. I do think, however, that there will be better quality 2014 suites out later in the year, especially as existing 2013 versions already offer more in terms of protection.

Legal? Illegal? Whatever – Data Dealer Offers Up Privacy Awareness In Great Gaming Style

Whilst playing you’ll probably think that its just a game, which it is, but when you close your browser after a session you will, most likely, reflect on what the game is telling you – your information has a high value and you give it out far too willingly.

VPN – Steganos Online Shield 365 – Is It Any Good?

The program works well and is definitely worth using in my opinion. I can’t think of many reasons not to use a VPN and encrypting your traffic isn’t a bad idea either.