Cash For CRB Checks – How Would YOU Respond To This Email?

We’re in a recession and a pretty bad one at that. A great many people are out of work and are desperate for money. So, if they were to receive an email like this, they may just be tempted to send £50 off for what seems to be the perfect answer to their predicament –

Dear Successful applicant,

We are glad to inform you that after carefully reviewing your CV for the post of office cleaners and housekeepers job vacancy our company advertised, you have been selected to join our new professional office cleaners and housekeepers team in Central London.The interview, induction and training date will start at 1.30pm and finish 3.30pm on the 30th of May 2013 at The Cavendish Training and Conference Centre, 22 Duchess Mews,W1g 9dt, London. It is five minutes walk from Oxford Circus Underground station on the Victoria,Central and Bakerloo Line. The two hours training and induction will be fully paid for and you are expected to come with your original documents like passport or birth certificate or any identity documents,national insurance number and also your bank details for your wages payment.

The pay rate for your position will be £10 an hour,your shift pattern will be 5 hours a day, 5 days on and 2 days off with a lot of overtime work available, there is also full time and part time positions to choose from.We have morning shifts ( 6am-11am) or (8am-1pm) or (10am-3pm) or (11am-4pm), middle shifts (12pm-5pm) or (1pm-6pm) or (3pm- 8pm) and night shifts (4pm-9pm) or (5pm- 10pm), you will be paid every friday of the week. The company will issue you a uniform on the induction and training day and you will be allocated the government offices and government private apartments to clean within Central London.You will start work on the 31st of May 2013 and will be given the full work details and your work shift rota on the induction and training day. It is very important to email us back with your uniform sizes comprising of shirts,trousers ,safety boot and also most importantly your ukash £50 payment voucher numbers for an enhanced crb [criminal record ]check to be carried out through our crb specialist agent to ensure an accurate criminal record report.The company will strictly only accept crb report done through us for security reasons because you will be cleaning and also have access to some government offices,buildings and government private apartments within central london area. The company will not accept any other crb report not done through us and we will delist your name from the job list and cancel your induction and training.

The ukash is a new safe and secure payment method that we use for effective payment for crb fees. The newsagent shops, off licence shops and mobile top up shops with the paypoint,payzone or epay services can issue you a ukash voucher for £50,once you give the shop assistant £50 in cash.The ukash voucher 19 digits numbers is what we require you to email back to us for your crb payment fees and also to ensure that your job placement is still effective.The crb fees will be refunded back to you on your next wages.

The deadline to email back your uniform sizes and £50 ukash voucher numbers for your crb fees will be on friday,24th of May 2013,no work placement will be offered without any of the above and you will not be eligible to come in for the induction and training .The company will not accept any late email submission of the above due to the high volume of successful applicants been processed for crb check and recruitment. We are extremely very busy this period with the recruitment process and may not be able to respond to some of your phone enquiries at the moment,all information will be given on the induction/training day . We look forward to welcoming you to our company.

Mrs Laura Anderson,
Human Resources & Recruitment Department,
Essential Link Cleaning & Housekeeping Services Ltd.
London Main Office.
Tel : 02081338614.

Whether that is a good idea is of course debatable – this email may be genuine – but I know of 3 people who received similar in the last few weeks. One of them thought it was highly suspicious. The other 2 are now both £50 worse off.

Be careful out there jobseekers!

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