Case Sensitive Passwords And Other Tricks

When you are on the computer you have to get used to certain aspects of it. And one of those aspects that you have to get used to is the username and password combination. This is especially true if you use the internet a lot. The password username combination comes up a lot and for good reason. Right now it is the best weapon that we have when it comes to computer security. While it is a weapon that might not be considered foolproof it is the best that we have now especially when it is combined with other factors.


We see different factors when it comes to arrangement of the user name and password combination. We see factors such as the length a password must be to be considered to be effective. And we see factors such as how to easily create a password so that we will be 100% sure that it will be effective. These include making sure you add numbers to the passwords and also making sure that you put non-alphanumeric characters in the password if the application allows you to. But one factor that you do not hear a lot about but it is one that you should really think about when you are making a password is the use of capitalized letters.

It seems so simple but in reality a lot of people do not use this type of combination. And it is a real shame for several reasons. One of the reasons why it is a shame is because it opens your password up to a lot more combinations than it does when you are not using the capitalization structure. When you are trying to trick the bad guys you want to do everything that you can to make that happen. And this is especially true if they are using an automated attack. An automated attack allows them to be able to process word combinations at lightning speed. So if you want your username and password combination to work then you have to realize that you need to be able to create a unique pattern that is going to be able to confuse the computer systems that they are using.

You will see other types of passwords technology used like OAuth and two factor authentication and they really do help. But you need to realize that even with this type of technology coming to the forefront you still need to be able to help it out a bit by coming up with good passwords to use. In the world of computer security there is an unspoken rule that most of the time when you have a security problem it is the fault of the end user (and most times this really is the case). But you will never hear them blame the end user directly because no-one wants to be told that a product that they paid good money for is failing because of something that they did.

If you need your password to be safe and secure then you need to do everything that you can to make sure that they are that way. That means you must use the right technology while also developing good practices of your own. This way if anyone does decide to try and target you, you will be prepared for the worst. They may still be able to get in but if you followed the rules and practices that you were supposed then they are going to have a hard time trying.

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