Careful Facebook Interaction

You might not hear about it all of the time but Facebook interaction can be quite tricky. And we do not mean that it is tricky as in complicated. We mean that it is tricky as in you do not know how many transactions go into a simple Facebook interaction. The reason why we say this is because you see Facebook everywhere these days. And that is mainly because of the Like button that is on all of the different web sites now. No matter where you go on the web they are asking you to press a Like button to show your Facebook friends your approval of the site. You also see a lot of Facebook because some sites use it to allow you to log into their web sites. But mostly the Like button has proven to be everywhere.

Careful Facebook Interaction

And that is what the Like button is for. It is to show your friends that you like the site and that they should go visit the site as well. Pressing the like button means that you are bringing that web site to a bigger audience. Because not only are you pressing that Like button but your friends who were sent there by you are pressing it as well. This means that their friends are going to get in on the act as well and the cycle will continue. But you must be careful when giving your approval to a web site like that.

If you are going to press the Like button for a web site that you are on, make sure that you really trust it. It does not make any sense to press the Like button on a web site that you have only visited for 5 minutes. You are giving your approval to your friends about the site but it could actually be malware ridden. So if you are going to press that button, make sure that you have explored the site a little bit and are sure that it can be trusted.

And the opposite holds true for people who go to web sites based on the suggestions of their friends. Be careful when you visit web sites such as this. Your friends are most likely not security experts and you never know where they can be sending you to.

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  1. I agree with Dave.

    If I’m going to “like” any web site, it’ll be one I’m very familiar with. I also check to see if that particular site has a Facebook page. If it does, I’ll click on “like” there, but no where else.

  2. I think that ‘like’ button all over the place has already gotten some FB users into trouble, many dont think twice about clicking it when they are roaming around the internet doing searches.

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