Can You Use An Exploit That Has Attacked Your Network To Find Out Who Is Behind It?

No matter how good you are with computers, and especially on the internet, you are always going to leave a trace of yourself wherever you go online.

If you are a normal person that uses the internet then you likely leave traces of your web activity all of the time.

Your IP address, your MAC address, the ISP that you are using are all ways that someone who is trying to find you online will be able to track you.

Each social network that you sign up for and every web site that you make a purchase off of is another way that people can find out information about you as well.

If someone is determined and skilled enough then they can find out almost any information that they want about a person.

So if your network has been attacked by a black hat hacker, then if the damage is bad enough that you want to pursue them to the ends of the earth, then there is a good chance that you can.

tracking the hackers

tracking the hackers

Network And Other Hackers

There are different levels of skills within the hacker community.

Most of them loosely break down into script kiddies and true hackers.

Also there are different sets of specialties as well.

Some hackers are good at dissecting a program and being able to see how it works.

Others are good at creating tools for the hacker community to use.

And there are the ones that are good at using a network and bending it to their knees.

These last ones are the people that you have to worry about when it comes to being able to track someone who has broken into your network.

Most black hat hackers that will try to break into your network are nothing more than script kiddies.

They will use a piece of malware that they found on the internet and modify it to their purposes – they did not create the program and do not understand how it works completely.

They will use a couple of proxies or Tor and think that their work will not be traced.

They may even go to a web cafe and try uploading their attack from there.

Even though these are good ways for the average attack to work, if someone is really trying to find you, they will still be able to.

They can use the exploit itself and track who made it, where it was uploaded at, and find all sorts of interesting information.

The better and more experienced the hacker is, the more you will have to worry about the attack.

Even though some people, even IT professionals, think that if the black hat hacker was able to actually perform the attack then they are good that is just not the case.

Someone is only as good as the trail that they leave behind and you will find out that most people who perform exploits will leave a lot of trails behind.

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