Can You Trust Ads On The Internet?

When it comes to ads both on and off of the internet the average person looks at them with a ho hum attitude. While most of the people do not care whether the ad runs or not there are some people out there who love ads. And let’s not forget that there are some people out there who cannot stand them. But no matter what your feelings are when it comes to ads you have to admit that they can be helpful in letting you know what a product does and even becoming aware of the product itself in the first place.


But when you are talking about online ads there is another level that the ads go. Instead of just being an item that will inform you about the abilities of a certain product, they will track you and see what your buying habits are. The ads on the internet give the retailer so much more information about you. And there are people out there who do not like that. They feel as if this is an intrusion into their privacy and they do want them to do that. They want to be able to surf the internet without the feeling that someone is tracking them. And even if the person that is tracking you is the retailer looking for more information about how to provide for your needs, it can still feel weird.

That is why there are certain countries which make websites tell you beforehand that they are putting cookies in your browser that will be able to track your web activities. This at the very least, will let people know that they are being tracked and will give them the insight to be able to block the cookies that are being set. In modern day browsers there are settings which will allow you to whitelist sites that are allowed to place cookies in your browser. This can at least make you feel safer when it comes to who is allowed to keep you tracking information.

But ads tracking you are only one of the things that you have to worry about when it comes to ads on the internet. You also have to worry about rogue ads that are on the internet as well. There are a lot of ads out there that are hiding something behind the scenes. And what they are hiding is the fact that if you click on them they will lead you to malware. These types of ads can be found by themselves or they can be found on many of the ad networks that are out there. There is a certain amount of the flash based ads out there that are on networks which are malware based. While most of the networks have been good at cleaning these types of ads out lately, they are still a problem sometime.

Some people think that the move to HTML5 based ads will be the thing that solves the problem but that is not the truth. HTML5 still has problems when it comes to security and you still have to set up a link for the consumer to go to. If the link leads them to somewhere that could harm their computer then there is no difference between HTML5 and Flash based ads

Ads are a very useful technology when it comes to web but it can also be dangerous as well. When you are on the web and you see ads, I am not saying that you should be scared of them but you should be aware that all of the ads on the internet are not safe.


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