Can You Trust A Security Company Who Has Been Hacked?

When you visit a restaurant and try the food there then you expect that the people who work there at least eat the food as well. If not the people who work there then at least the owner should be a person who consumes the food. Sure, you might get tired of the same food after awhile and will want to switch it up a little bit but for the most part most people will consume their own resources. The same thing is true if you were at a store that made furniture. If you were to go to the owner of the stores home then you would expect to see a lot of furniture that came from that store. Because what kind of message does its send if you don’t. Does that mean they think that their product is good enough for you but not for them? This is how we should look at security companies who have security issues.

would you trust a security company that has been hacked?

would you trust a security company that has been hacked?

When you are a computer security company you are in business just like everyone else. You are here to make money by selling me your product. If your company is constantly having security problems then that tells me one thing. Either you are not using your own product or your product is not good enough for my company either. You cannot just hope that I do not notice that your web site has been defaced or that your company is in the news once again because of a breach in security.

If I am going to use your product to protect me and my customer’s assets then you must be able to prove to me that they can protect you. If you are constantly having problems with infections or intrusions then you are not showing me that. You are showing me that your product is subpar or has not been able to keep up with the times. I do not care if your company is a target. If you are constantly getting hacked and other companies in your sector are not then I am going to trust them with my assets instead. So if you are a security company then make sure that your own house is in order!

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