Can You Get A Degree In Just 2 Weeks?

Have you ever considered obtaining a degree either to improve your job prospects or purely for self improvement?

If you have, then how about getting one in just 2 weeks?!?

In ujst as little as 2 *weeks* you can have a masters degree from a national university.
A better job, more income and a better life can all be yours in less than 2 weeks.
No books to buy, no classes to go to, and no entrance exams.

Learn in your own home at your own pace. We supply all the study materials, all you have to do is apply! Everyone is accepted!

Reach Us Right Away +1 (270) 818-7244
Good 24 hours

It’s a shame that someone offering degrees cannot spell correctly or use a spellchecker, don’t you think?

The email headers show that the return path for replies differs from the originator’s email – that’s always an interesting sign.

Return-Path: <>

From: “(270) 818-7244 Kirk ” <>

I wonder how good their degrees are?

After all, degrees from different countries carry different weight in the corporate world.

Hmmm, whereabouts does that dialling code lead us?

Well, it’s not a UK code and it’s not a State of America so where is it?


International Code 270 is for Gambia of all places!

Please remember people that a degree takes time, effort and dedication.

In the UK it will take a minimum of 3 years to obtain one of worth.

What exactly a 2 week degree from the Gambia is worth is anyone’s guess.

That assumes of course that you even get a degree that has been fraudulently entered onto a university’s computer.

More likely it’s just a copied piece of paper.

More likely yet, it’s a scheme to run off with your money without giving anything at all in return.

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