Can You Download Your Way Out Of The Conficker Nightmare?

Unfortunately, despite myriads of warnings about the Conficker virus, many people still got infected with the powerful computer virus around April 1st.

Others simply discovered that they already had the virus and had been unaware of it while it grew in strength on their operating systems and have only recently realized that it is now limiting the use of their personal systems.

The basic problem with the Conficker bug is that it not only blocks your personal access to any removal websites if you are infected, but it also uses your computer space as an Internet host and traces your browsing history, putting your personal safety at risk.

Thus, if you have discovered you have it, there is a limited amount of time for you to act before its destructive intentions become manifest.

Due to the fact that it will not allow you to access your anti-virus software or any website that can offer you anti-virus aid including Microsoft, you will have to be stealthy if you want to remove the virus from your computer on your own.

Before you head off to the computer shop for an expensive repair, however, there is one tip you can try that many people have found effective.

What you can do is use a friend’s computer, or one from work, to email yourself a download of an anti-virus software to remove the Conficker virus.

The computer worm will still allow you to view your emails from the infected computer so, if you still have full use of your operating system, you can open your email and download the attachment that will immediately get to work cleansing your system of the bug once and for all.

Should this fail, it may be time to head for the computer repair shop because, unless you are trained in computer technology, the next measures will require the aid of an expert.

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