Can You Cook Popcorn With A Mobile Phone?

Can popcorn really be cooked by using a mobile phone, or am I just propogating another viral marketing campaign?

Home-made videos are two-a-penny on youtube but that one I linked to is something new – popcorn being cooked from the heat given off by a ringing mobile phone is certainly unique, and has pulled in hundreds of thousands of views on the popular video site.



There are four different clips circulating at the moment, all of which show corn kernels exploding after being cornered by ringing mobile phones for just a few seconds.


Of course it is a hoax – mobile phones do not produce anywhere enough heat to cook popcorn.

However, there are many commentators who seem quite convinced of the contrary.

(Guess you can fool some of the people all of the time).


Even though most viewers have cottoned onto the fact that the videos are a hoax, opinion is divided as to how they were filmed.

The fact that the clips are similar, and appeared around the same time, has led to the belief that their amatuer feel has been faked, and that they are, in fact, part of a viral marketing campaing.


The other obvious question is ‘why?’

Why would anyone want to try and convince people that you can cook popcorn with a mobile?

I’m sure time will tell…

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  1. Scam, the homemade video link above says it is no longer available. However, I did receive this in an email today from a friend. The claim is still making its rounds.

    • Aaaargggghhhhh people stop sharing the best video clips on YouTube 🙁

      I had a feeling it was still going around because I’ve had a couple of hundred visitors to this post over the weekend.

      Likewise with the Evan Trembley post – I guess a good hoax never dies!

  2. It’s marketing for a headset company.

  3. Why would they do that???
    Same reason some people defecate and pee on their partners and film it!
    Same reason 2 girls one cup is for some reason a popular website!!!

  4. Why would they do that though?

  5. Could it be a mobile phone operator?


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