Can I Use An Online Hard Drive To Keep My Data Safe And Secure?

In the world of computers, every several years, things that were thought to be the tools of the master are brought to the normal people.

Certain things that you might do on the computer today were considered incredible feats maybe only five years ago.

This is because for the past fifty years technology has improved at a rapid pace.

And the more time and effort that people spend getting used to the machines, the more that they are able to try and do advanced operations.

One of these domains is the backing up of their hard drive.

data security with online hard drives

To do this, some people may decide that they want to buy a second external hard drive.

This is of course a great solution, but you still have to worry about redundancy issues and that hard drive breaking down.

Data Security With Online Hard Drives

So to counter this, there is a new movement of people using online hard drives to back up their data.

Let’s talk about how you can do this securely and easily.

When we talked about redundancy in the earlier paragraph, we were discussing backing up the back up.

When you have data on the cloud, a lot of the times the data is stored on several servers around the country and not just one.

So just in case one server has your data and it loses it, the other servers will back it up.

This is known as redundancy.

With a local hard drive back up, you do not get this option.

You have the one drive to back up your system and the other drive with the original configuration.

If one goes out, then you are stuck to having one drive again.

At least until you go buy a new one.

With your data being stored on the cloud, you do not have to worry about that.

Yeah, a drive will go out but unless it is a system wide outage in several locations, then your data should be safe.

Ensure You Use An Encrypted Connection

To use your online data securely, you should make sure that any software that you use to do back ups has an encrypted connection.

You do not want to transfer important, and personal documents of yours, in a large back up, without it being encrypted.

If someone is monitoring your connection, they will basically get to know everything about you.

So you want to make sure that your connections are always https.

Also, be sure that you look at their security policy before you make the final decision.

Make sure that they have a good enough policy that you can depend on.

Also make sure you do a little checking on the Internet about their service as a whole.

This decision is very important so you should be sure that you do your due diligence.

Services such as this can be a great time saver and more secured option in the long run.

The most important thing is choosing which service is right for you.

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