Can I Lessen The Effects Of Viruses By Having A Dual Boot Computer?

While some people, through the life span of their computer, will only get so far as when it comes to the knowledge of how to use it, others will seek to explore the computer.

They want to push their system to the limits of its capabilities, so they will do whatever they can to be able to do that.

This has led to many parents’ computers systems being broken by their curious offspring.

But sometimes seeking out all of the things that a computer can do can help you keep it safe as well.

When you start to know a lot about a computer and how it works you will start to understand the attacks of the bad guys and you will figure out ways that you can protect yourself from these attacks.

Most people who seek to expand their knowledge about computer systems will run into the topic of dual booting them.

While the topic may sound complicated, it is really quite simple and once you learn how to dual boot your system you will learn how this feat can also save your system in case it is attacked.

In the following paragraphs I will show you how it can work.

is a dual boot computer more secure?

is a dual boot computer more secure?

What Does “Dual Booting” Your Computer Mean?

Before I start anywhere else I must talk about what it means to dual boot your computer.

The action is just as the name implies.

You take a computer and you make it have the ability to dual boot.

When you boot up a computer normally it goes straight to the operating system, it reads the BIOS of the system, which tells it to go to a section of the hard drive and read what is on it.

On the hard drive you will a find a section that gets loaded into memory which shows the computer how to boot up the operating system that is on it.

Once it finds the operating system, everything else is now loaded and you are able to run your computer normally.

Now, if you want to dual boot your system, you are adding another operating system to the computer.

The other operating system can be the same one that you already have installed or it can be another operating system altogether.

This means that you can have both Windows 7 and a distribution of Linux installed on the same computer.

Now, when you boot up the computer, it will give you an option of what system you want to load at the time.

You can choose to load Windows 7 or you can choose to load Linux; they will both run like they are the only one on the system.

Obviously, you can only run one of these operating systems at a time though.

They can see the other one on the hard drive but they cannot interact with one another.

So now that you have the ability to dual boot the two operating systems, how will they be able to help save your system in case it goes down?

Well that is what I will answer in the next section.

How Dual Booting Can Save Your Computer

Setting up your computer to dual boot can give you a means to save your computer in case it ever goes down.

The reason why it is able to do this is because you are able to interact with the other drive without messing with the other operating system.

The most vicious viruses happen outside of the spectrum of the operating system.

This is what happens most of the time with a rootkit for example.

It is able to sneak outside of the operating system’s domain and it is able to do things in what is called kernel level.

With a second operating system installed on the system you are able to see the drive with the operating system installed as just another drive.

It is nothing special to the second operating system that you have installed.

So when you run a virus scan over the drive that may be infected it will see everything – the virus will not be able to hide anywhere.

There is a chance that if you install a second operating system with the same OS that is already on it that the operating system can be corrupted as well.

This is why it is best to install a totally different operating system on the machine.

If you are running Windows then install Linux as the second drive.

A virus that is known to infect Windows based machines will not be able to infect a Linux machine and the true is the same in reverse.

If a Linux virus is present it will not infect the Windows installation and with both operating systems there are antivirus scanners that will scan the other type of operating system even though you have software installed in the other.

Having a second operating system installed in your machine is a good idea.

In case a bad virus hits, you will be able to log on to the other system and flush it out.

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