Can I Block Conficker By Being Proactive?

Are you worried that you could download the Conficker virus by accident?

If you are not worried about Conficker, you should be, because this malicious computer worm can wreak havoc within minutes if it wants to once it appears on your system.

In fact, the people who rarely use their computers are the ones who end up infected since they do not keep their systems constantly updated, which makes their computers an easy target for attack.

So, how do you prevent the Conficker virus from getting into your computer in the future?

Well, the Conficker virus is a very strong computer worm that is continually adapting to survive but, presently, there are a few precautions that you can take to make sure you are never one its victims.

For starters, you should update your Windows operating system and your anti-virus software to make sure that you do not have any security holes for it to sneak in through.

Most Windows systems have an automatic update function, but if you have turned it off, then you need to make sure you turn it back on and update it as soon as possible.

Microsoft has created a security patch for the Conficker virus that should install itself automatically when you run your updates but, just in case, you may want to head to the Microsoft website to download the patch.

It doesn’t hurt to be too careful when it comes to a computer threat such as the Conficker virus.

Next, you should disable the auto-run function from any removable devices that you may use on your computer.

Variant B of the Conficker bug is highly contagious and attaches itself to removable storage devices such as USB drives or CDs in order to contaminate other computers.

Even if you trust where your disk or USB has been last, you should be very careful, since the Conficker bug can lie dormant, making an infected computer seem safe.

So when in doubt, never use auto run and you will not have to worry about infecting your personal computer.

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