Call 911 Or You Die

Here’s the third installment in today’s little quiz.

Three stories – the stolen kidney, the grandmother who gave birth to her daughter’s twins and the toilet roll thief.

One true, two false, but which is which?


The stolen kidney

A 24 year old man from Las Vegas is, today, recovering in hospital after having his kidney removed illegally.

Brian Appleyard – an Ohio salesman, rather than the writer with The Sunday Times (see his comment below) – was in Las Vegas for a sales convention.

After the event he retired to his hotel and went to the bar for a quiet drink.

Whilst there he struck up a conversation with an unidentified blonde woman.

Appleyard said the two of them hit it off immediately and shared several more drinks during the course of the evening.

He later blacked out and woke up in a hotel bath, covered in ice.

He noticed a phone lying on the floor next to the bath with a note attached to it.

The note advised him to call 911 immediately or he would die.

Appleyard called an ambulance and was rushed to hospital where doctors later informed him that he had undergone massive surgery in the hotel.

At some point during the evening he had one of his kidneys removed.

Other similar crimes have been reported in the past in Las Vegas and police there are continuing their investigations into a gang suspected of selling human organs on the black market.


What do you think?

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  1. WOW I cannot believe you got Bryan Appleyard to comment here :O

  2. Dionne Collins says:

    I can’t believe this one was the hoax

  3. Sorry chaps, but Appleyard is watching you all the time.

  4. lol cant believe anyone thought this was true

  5. I dont think the real Bryan Appleyard would stoop so low to leave a comment here.

  6. Who lost the kidney, Bryan Appleyard the writer or some random guy in Las Vegas?

    • Neither!! This was the hoax out of three stories that I asked readers to view in order to determine which were true and which were fake.

  7. Interesting Quiz : +1 Stumble

  8. I’m shocked. This was the one I was most certain about being true.

  9. Great quiz Scam, I really enjoyed that.

    Oh My God @ Bryan Appleyard commenting on it though!!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Steve, I think I will have to do this again next weekend, only I might change the number of hoaxes and not let anyone know how many, if any, they are trying to discover 🙂

  10. Maybe not…But I would feel honored if a famous writer in my country commented on my blog…excited. So in that sense I am happy for you

  11. Ha ha I was just a little bit exited about seeing his comment here!

  12. A pat on the back to you scam…ur efforts are paying off, i guess…i am happy for you

    • Thanks Aruna, but somehow I don’t see “Bryan Appleyard’s Missing Kidney” being the lead story in any of tomorrow’s national newspapers! 😀

  13. Scam was that really Bryan Appleyard’s commment? WOW!

    • My initial reaction was to think it was a fake joining in with the amusement of this little quiz I was running.

      However, if you follow the link you will find that it is indeed Bryan Appleyard’s personal blog and he has referenced this post there.

  14. oh…is she satisfied with three kidneys?

  15. Thank you! That was fun!

  16. The cat is out of the bag…but i dont want to be the spoilsport…scam now tell us all

  17. Apparently, the blonde in the story lives on and now has 3 kidneys!

  18. Ok, ok, this one is the HOAX !!

    Despite my misspelling, Bryan Appleyard is NOT a 24 year old salesman from Ohio, he is in fact a rather well respected journalist here in UK.

    I heard of him after a piece he wrote about one of my favourite author’s – Tolkien

    In addition to The Times he also writes, or has written, for several other publications. He has also written a few books (the one about Aliens looks interesting

  19. That explains a lot, though not the spelling of my first name.

  20. Dionne Collins says:

    This sounds true to me, I have heard of this kind of thing happening.

  21. I shall put people out of their misery and give the answers a little later today.

  22. Hoax???? Kidney trafficking is true, but I don’t understand why a thief would be kind enough to care for someone after stealing from them???

  23. Barbara-Ann says:

    Black market selling of organs is well known so this must be true.

  24. Hmmm.. not sure, gonna guess this is true so it must be the baby one that is the hoax.

  25. I’ve heard about kidney trafficking so I guess this one to be true.


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