Burger King Twitter Account Hacked By Anonymous(?) – I’m Lovin’ It!

In case you missed the news earlier, Burger King became almost as famous as Jeremy Clarkson when they too had their Twitter account hacked by someone out to make more than a little mischief.

As you can see from the image below, the fast food retailer became rebranded as one of their fiercest competitors for a short while –


After a period of suspension Burger King’s Twitter account is once again active but is running on a restricted basis for the time being at least. Previously, as seen above, their account showed that they had been ‘sold to McDonalds’ (‘because the whopper flopped’) and their name had been changed accordingly.

So whodunnit?

Anonymous don’t seem to be chomping at the bit to take ownership of this hack according to the tweet above but, interestingly, they do have a new project: #OPMadCow which may or may not be a clue…

A spokesman for Burger King said:

“It has come to our attention that the Twitter account of the Burger King brand has been hacked. We have worked directly with administrators to suspend the account until we are able to re-establish our legitimate site and authentic postings. We apologise to our followers who have been receiving erroneous tweets about other members of our industry and additional inappropriate topics.”

Oh, and for those of you who think getting hacked is all bad – Burger King’s follower account has grown by 25,000 people already today!

photo: lcsksr

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