Bungling Japanese Police Discover ‘Body’ To Be Life-Sized Doll

This news story from a couple of days ago really made me laugh as I tried to fathom out how anyone could confuse a doll with a dead body –

On Tuesday of this week police near Izu City in Japan were left wondering if they had become victims of a hoax.

Discovered near a forest near the seaside resort, following an anonymous tip-off, the body was wrapped in a sleeping bag.


For some reason, the investigators didn’t think to look inside the sleeping bag and, instead, took it directly to the city police station so that a post-mortem examination could take place.

According to a spokeswoman, no-one had any reason to doubt that a human body was inside until a medical examiner unwrapped it and found that the ‘body’ was in fact a doll.

In defence of this bizarre situation, The Asahi newspaper said that the doll was actually quite sophisticated and life-sized and was dressed in a brown wig, blouse and skirt.

Do all police officers have such good deductive skills that they can’t tell a human and a doll apart?

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  1. I just found this one by accident – what on earth were the police thinking???

  2. Dionne Collins says:

    Should we guess if this is true or not because this sounds like one of your made up stories?

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