Bringing Smart Phones Into The Work Place

In the past if you wanted to be able to use a smart phone in the work place it most likely had to be a Blackberry. Or maybe even it could have been a Palm phone. These two phones were known for both allowing the person who used them to be productive and also allowing that same person to be secure at the same time. That is the main reason why the Blackberry still holds any type of traction now. It still has that same reputation of being the most secure phone in the work place. A lot of networks around the country are already set to deal with a Blackberry connection.

Bringing Smart Phones Into The Work Place

But there is a problem for these offices who are Blackberry only. Employees at these offices are deciding for themselves that they are going to crash the party by bringing in their IPhones and their Android based phones. These two types of phones are the most popular phones in the industry right now. The Blackberry has been pushed to the status of a marginal player and if you have an office with a network you must be ready to accommodate for these phones now.

IT managers who control the networks at offices like this have been reluctant to allow these phones to have access to the network for security reasons. They felt like the Blackberry security features were not available on these phones. And at one point this might have been true. But that is no longer the case anymore. For the most part, these phones have the same security features as the Blackberry.

But at this point, as a system administrator, you have no choice. People are going to bring these phones into the workplace whether you like it or not. These are the two most popular phones on the market and people want to be able to use them wherever they go. And not only that, they want to be able to use them for work related activities. If you do not allow that then they are going to do whatever they can to bypass your restrictions. And that can be worse on your network in the long run.

If you run a network, it is now time to accommodate for these new generation era phones. The old excuses are not valid anymore. If you do not then you may see people do more damage to your network than before.

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