Breaking News : New Lifeform Discovered In Space (WORM_AUTORUN.BPN)

If you are reading this in the hope of discovering UFOs, or an alien species, then you will be disappointed.

The life form that has been discovered in space is a worm, but not the sort you see wriggling across a path.


You may be forgiven for thinking that computer security is an issue that is limited to the masses of hardware spread across terra firma.

After all, who would think that NASA would allow any of their systems to become infected?

A piece of malware, known as WORM_AUTORUN.BPN, has reportedly been detected in the cold expanse of space.

WORM_AUTORUN.BPN, known to steal user id’s and passwords for a collection of online games, has recently been found on the International Space Station.

There is no need to fear though as the infection was contained in machines that are used for email and other non-critical tasks.

Whilst such malware may only be a minor nuisance, it does leave me wondering how it managed to be transported into space, and whether there is a possibility that potentially damaging viruses, trojans, etc could follow it’s lead in the future?

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  1. LaShondra Hudson says:

    That information was so boring. NASA needs to find a UFO already, or a different lifeform other than water or dirt urg that bugs me that they dont even look.

  2. What about my writing? 🙁

  3. Love the picture!

  4. Oh I’m sure they are keeping things safe that are important to them, but citizen’s personal data… that’s an altogether different story!

  5. That is disturbing. I think that overall governments are terrible with computer security.

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