Breaking News : Georgia Bigfoot Body Confirmed As A Rubber Costume Hoax

Last week the internet went crazy after it was announced that the body of a mythical Bigfoot had been discovered in Georgia.

The alleged Bigfoot corpse, which had been announced to the world during a press conference last Friday,  has now been confirmed to be a hoax.

Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer who claimed to have found Bigfoot are now as rare a sight as the creature itself, having apparently gone into hiding following the revelation that their corpse was nothing more than a rubber costume.

Steve Kulls, an investigator, has written a lengthy piece on the unravelling of the hoax on the Searching for Bigfoot website, the owners of which were the organisers of the press conference.

Kulls was a witness when the frozen ‘Bigfoot body’ was thawed.

Whilst the ice was melting he had instant concerns regarding the alleged creature’s hair, as well as soft and hollow spots on the head.

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Kulls reports that Tom Biscardi informed him that both Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer then admitted that the Bigfoot body was in fact a a costume. has reported that Mr Biscardi paid an ‘undisclosed sum’ to Mr Whitton and Mr Dyer as an advance on the returns expected from the ‘marketing and promotion’ of their Bigfoot discovery.

They speculate that the sum of money involved was around $50,000.

Personally, I said all along that the whole thing was a hoax, probably designed to increase interest in Whitton and Dyers’ Bigfoot expedition business.

Searching For Bigfoot Inc may, of course, see such activity more seriously which could explain the sudden disappearance of Whitton and Dyer.

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  1. I knew this was a hoax from the word go. Amazing how many people either believed or wanted to believe.

    • Well I never believed buy yes, you’re right, there are a great many people who believe in Bigfoot who really do believe a body will be found one day.

    • Yeah I can agree with the thought of Whitton losing his job – this episode can’t have done his integrity much good.

      From that link – “they’re also in search of “big cats and dinosaurs”.” – ha ha.

      I was thinking of doing a post or two on UFOs and aliens but ‘Dinosaur found living in Georgia’ sounds like far more fun!!

  2. it was all in good fun, though, right?

    • I’m not so sure about fun.

      Whilst it may appear to have been a harmless hoax I believe there were also significant financial implications too.

  3. David Gerard says:

    But how could anyone have ever doubted those guys?

  4. You heard it here first boys and girls 🙂

  5. Disappointing!
    I would love to believe in miracles, strange creatures and God… otherwise life is so boring

    • Whilst I personally don’t believe in Bigfoot, this isn’t necessarily the end of the line.

      ‘He’ may still be out there, along with the Loch Ness monster and the little men from Mars.

      I agree about boredom – it’s good to have something to believe in, whatever it may be.

  6. No, I never did and I lived in Arizona for 10 years. I spent quite a bit of time in the desert but never witnessed a Bigfoot migration.

    • I wonder why?!?!

      I can’t believe that video clip had embed disabled just a few minutes after I put it up on here – guess the owner has his reasons given the Bigfoot hype at the moment 😉

  7. The Sonoran Desert in Arizona and Mexico is known for peyote.

    And the “Bigfoot” crouched down looked like a cactus to me.

    Though I did just learn that the creatures are migratory 😉

  8. I was hoping this was real because it would be nice to believe that such an animal could really exist. Have they found a body in Arizona?

    • The guy in the video says he shot one, possibly killing it, but they don’t have a body right now.

      • If Bigfoot really exists, it’s a smart creature. It knows if it shows itself that we will just kill it.

        It was so obvious after that farce of a press conference that the entire thing was a hoax.

        So, in Arizona he shot it and it supposedly ran off or something?

  9. I just knew it was a costume. What on earth were those boys thinking? This is gonna come back and haunt them now.

    • Funnily enough, I think you may be spot on with that remark Tom – I think they may end up regreting this, especially as one of them is a cop.

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