Breaking News : Bigfoot Body Found?

Loren Coleman of cryptomundo has just released pictures that are allegedly of a hitherto unknown species of primate.

The inference is that these photographs prove the existence of the creature known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.


The body is currently being frozen and kept under armed guard somewhere in North Georgia in the USA.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, who both lead Bigfoot tracking expeditions, claim that they found the body in woods in northern Georgia.

If DNA testing proves the body to be genuine, as opposed to the hoax that I believe, then it will quite possibly be the find of the century.

(Quite how you prove Bigfoot’s existence with DNA when there are no comparison samples I don’t know!)

The body is said to exhibit characteristics much more human-like than other primates and has a footprint of around 17″ in addition to fingers that extend to as much as 11″.

Do you believe that this body will prove the existence of Bigfoot once and for all, or is this just another publicity-seeking hoax?

(One of the men involved with Whitton and Dyer is Tom Biscardi who has been involved in a Bigfoot hoax before).

Maybe a press conference, scheduled for tomorrow, will reveal the truth..

If it’s real, I will eat humble pie but, for now, I absolutely do not believe that this body will be proven to be genuine.

I don’t think that Bigfoot exists, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

UPDATE : News from the press conference

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  1. No local news reports today in my neck of the woods about the conference outcome. I need info people! lol! I can wait for the followup and will be glad to do so.

  2. A press conference that basically said nothing.

    Hahaha – possum dna.

    • I know, I’m half way through writing about it.

      Here’s the working title – “Bigfoot Body Press Conference Reveals, Erm, Nothing Much Really” !!!

  3. Ok, I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting on the latest news. Foot tap, tap, tappin’-lol! I might be in for a surprise later. Will have to be patient and wait and see.

  4. Of course there’s no other BF to compare it to, you’re absolutely right! It was a little mind boggling to think that results could be produced on an immediate basis. My mind was wandering off in this direction when I should of thought about comparison!! DUH! Thanks for the reality check.

    • It’s true about DNA testing though – people watch CSI and think it can be done in an hour when it actually takes days or even weeks.

      I suppose they could confirm that it’s a primate, if the body happened to be real that is.

  5. Some people are wondering if it could be a publicity stunt for this movie –

    Hmmm … California, Bigfoot ….

    • The possibilities are endless Kim.

      I still say this is a hoax for sure… we’ll know if I’m right in about six and a half hours…

  6. I thought DNA testing takes some period of time to complete with end results. Also, I want to see the “thing” on live TV, not in more difficult to decifer pictures and video. They should just use some embalming fluid on Big Foot and keep him in an air conditioned place until showtime.

    • How relevant will DNA testing be anyway? They haven’t got another Bigfoot to compare the sample with!

      Some more information I just found indicates that there is currently a competition to win $1 million for finding Bigfoot.

      The organiser is also offering a prize to anyone who does a good job of trying to con them out of that money….

  7. 8pm – 9pm

    London is 8 hours ahead of California.

  8. Eat my grits! (Girls Raised In The South)
    I can hardly wait!

    DNA evidence and photo evidence to be presented at a
    PRESS CONFERENCE to be held on:
    Date: Friday, August 15, 2008
    Time: From 12Noon-1:00pm
    Place: Cabana Hotel-Palo Alto,
    4290 El Camino Real
    Palo Alto, California 94306

  9. It would be more believable if the body had been found by some rube living in to woods then by someone who earns a living with Bigfoot expeditions. If this is a hoax for publicity, then it has already worked.

    I would love for this to be true but then I would be sad because the creature is dead and it would lead more people to search for them in order to exploit the creatures for entertainment and profit.

    And Scam, if this is real you’ve got to come up with something better than wearing a pink wig and a dress – we’ve already seen that 🙂

    • It’s the fact that the two guys who found the body are involved in the Bigfoot industry that make it look suspicious.

      Add Tom Buscardi, who has already apparently orchestrated a Bigfoot hoax and what are you left with huh?

      If it’s real, I’ll do a dare far worse than wearing a pink dress if anyone can come up with one!

  10. These guys run Bigfoot tours – finding proof and a body would be good for business, don’t you think?

    Also, if proven to be a hoax I guess it would still raise their profile somewhat 😉

    • That’s exactly why I have my doubts about this story at the moment Michael, but I guess we’ll know the truth in around 24 hours from now when the press conference is held.

  11. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Just because something gets posted on the internet it doesn’t make it true folks.

  12. I cannot access that link either, maybe they have exceeded their bandwith?

  13. Rebecca Morley says:

    I can’t see why it can’t be real, after all Sasquatch have been spotted all around America for decades.

  14. That link to the photographs keeps timing out for me.

  15. Steve Hughes says:

    If those pics are real I’ll eat my shorts!

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