Blizzard Block World Of Warcraft In Iran

If you are a World of Warcraft player then you have likely overcome insurmountable odds time and again as you’ve taken to the fight to all manner of Night Elves and Orc Shamen. But now Iranian players of the popular MMORPG may be facing the biggest challenge of the all : from the United States.

WOW developer Blizzard has recently issued a statement after hundreds of Iranian players complained that they have lost access to the game. They have been blocked because the developer is tightening up its procedures in order to comply with US trade sanctions.

In a statement on its player forum, the company said it intends to obey government legislation and pull its products from countries affected by the restrictions. consequently, this means that players connecting to the game from servers in Iran will not be able to play any more. This move doesn’t only apply to World of Warcraft though – ¬†other Blizzard games, such as Runescape, SecondLife and Guild Wars are affected also.


* unless you live in Iran!

The software company’s statement goes on to say,

“This also prevents us from providing any refunds, credits, transfers, or other service options to accounts in these countries. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and will happily lift these restrictions as soon as US law allows.”

This move comes just a few weeks after Blizzard suffered a hacking attack and had to warn all of its users outside of China to change their passwords, not only for World of Warcraft but for Starcraft and Diablo too.

For now it seems the only way that Iranian residents can continue to play WOW is through the use of a proxy based outside of their country though there may be risks associated with doing so.

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