Black Hat Hackers Using Your Friend’s Images To Get You To Do Things On The Web

When you are talking about the web there are a few issues that are important to everyone. The one that we are going to focus on here is the issue of trust. When you are on the web trust is needed in almost any transaction that you do. When you are offline and doing a financial transaction in real life there is still trust needed but not as much as when you are online. In real life you are able to see the person right there in front of you. You can get a good read on whether the person seems shady or not. A lot of us have good gut instincts when we first meet people and when we listen to that instinct we are able to avoid getting scammed. When you are online you still need to have good instincts but it is a lot harder on a personal level. You are not hearing the persons voice or you are not seeing what they look like. You are not even one hundred percent sure if the picture you see on the web is truly them. So you have to establish trust through a pattern of behavior and communication with the person. That way you are able to feel comfortable when you are doing business with them.


This is why websites such as Facebook and Twitter are so popular. Because they allow you to do the one thing online that is hard to do everywhere else. And that one thing is to allow you to talk and communicate with people and faces that you trust. While Twitter does allow you to talk to a lot of people that you do not know you also have a lot of people that you do know on the service as well. And Facebook was built to communicate with people that you already know in real life so that you are able to feel; more comfortable when it comes to sharing. And that is the secret to success when it comes to websites such as these.

And do not think that this is some type of hidden secret. There are a lot of bad guys who know this as well and they adjust their plans accordingly. They want to be able to use the same tricks that the major websites like Facebook use to peddle their wares. They do that but they just use their own version of the tricks. One type of attack that you hear about a lot when it comes to the bad guys and the tricks that they use is using the picture of your friends in an attack.

There are a lot of attacks on Facebook all of the time. Most of the attacks are not successful but some of them are and the person is able to get away with a lot of information about the individual user. The bad guy is then able to take that information and use it against the person that they took it from and the people that the person knows as well. They then send out attacks that may have your face on them or at the very least your email address. The person thinks that it is from you and they are more likely to interact with the message. And that is when the main trouble starts.

Attacks like this are easy to prevent. You just have to make sure that you take precautions with any links that you get. No matter who they are from always check to make sure that they are legit. Ask the person first if they sent the email to you. That way you can avoid a lot of trouble.

photo: vagawi

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