Black Hat Hackers Using Death As Part Of Their Online Scams

When you are trying to bilk someone out of their hard earned money you have to be pretty ruthless in the first place. So there are a lot of lines that you will cross to make sure that you get that last dollar. The word sacred has a very loose meaning in your vocabulary. That is just how it is with a lot of the black hat hackers that are online. They will do whatever they can to make sure that they are able to take money from someone else. And that means even crossing the lines that so few of us ever think of crossing.


One of these lines that black hat hackers cross all of the time is the use of death when it comes to their online scams. Like we said in the previous paragraph, whenever you are willing to take someone else’s hard earned money there is no limit to how far you will sink. And even though you think it would be a low limit to reach, yes some of the black hat hackers out there do use the death of someone to try and make money. They do not make the person die or anything like that. But they will use the death of someone to try and further their goals. And it is not just celebrity deaths that they try and take advantage of.

One trick that black hat hackers will use to try and get you to click on their spammy emails is to report that someone has died in your family. A lot of the time they will just use a general first name and send it to millions of different email addresses. There is a good chance that the first name is going to be familiar with some of the email addresses that are on the list. And that means that a good percentage of those people will be so surprised by such a title that they will click on the email to make sure that it is not anyone that they knew with that first name.

While most of the people will stop there and not click any further once they see that the message is spam, there is still a group of people who will go one more step and click on the link that is inside of the email and that is where the problems start to begin.

But like we said before, while this trick is used a lot, it is not the main way that black hat hackers use death to get people to fall into their trap. Most of the time, the death that they use is some sort of celebrity. Now that we are in age of electronic communications that are instantaneous, news of death happens very fast. Even if the death is not true, half of the people on a social network will hear about it before the news is cleared up. Black hat hackers use this fact to trick people into clicking on links that they would not normally ever click on. This is especially true of fans of the person who may have died. They want to be able to get all of the news that they can about the death so they click on all of the links that are available. And this leads to a lot of those fans falling into traps.

This means that if you hear about a celebrity passing away, you should still be very careful when it comes to the links that you click on about the news. Anyone from a non reputable place could lead to danger for your system.

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