Bizarre But True : The Breast Milk Scam

This morning in Leicester a female shoplifter tried to evade arrest by squirting her own breast milk at a store security guard.

This isn’t some lame attempt at evasion though, it is far more sinister than that.

possibility of fake assault charges being aimed at security guards

possibility of fake assault charges being aimed at security guards

Apparently, some individuals who are detained for shoplifting have struck upon the idea of inflicting harm upon themselves, i.e. picking their noses until they bleed, in order to then levy a case of assault at security personnel.

More recently, and perhaps more disturbingly, their attempt at evading fate has led to suspects touching themselves intimately or trying to spread their DNA onto security guards, this time so that they can allege some sort of sexual assault instead of general physical violence.

Fortunately in the case in question the incident was witnessed by a female member of staff but I’m sure you could imagine where things may have ended up leading to if it boiled down to the shoplifter’s word against the security guard and he was covered in her DNA.

It just goes to emphasise the importance of having colleagues on hand for those who work in jobs which involve detaining people.

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  1. hmmmm…. I could go on and on about money, politics and law… but I won’t.

    Suffice to say, yes, 99 times out 100 I believe that money can get you out of trouble.

  2. well said… on all counts

    I like the game with the spherical ball that you can’t touch with your hand, and you have to kick and chase around a massive field until someone gets it into one of the giant nets on either side of the field

    i still don’t understand rugby at all… kinda looks gay… with all the big group hugs and what not going on, but whatever floats your boat…

    What we call football does seem quite sterile by comparison but millions of americans can’t be wrong, right… right???? WHAAAAT we elected who????

    It seems rare that celebrity and money don’t go hand in hand, so seems like semantics to me, the question (rephrased) would be “do people with money get away with whatever they want where you live?” Or do we have the exclusive rights to that one?


  3. Yeah I think Mr. Simpson was a very lucky man a few years back!

    ‘Futbol’ – what’s that? Some girls game you play?

    Over here we play football (we invented it) whilst you play soccer which is like our rugby, only you guys need all sorts of body armour in place in case you get hurt 😛

    I’m not sure ‘celebrity’ is the key to getting away with things, it’s more likely the money behind it.

  4. thats amazing… here in the states, we cut off your hand if you get caught shoplifting

    no wait, thats not true… it would cut down on the number of thefts i think…. but then theres something about the punishment fitting the crime…

    Over here we have this guy that used to play football (american football, not futbol, although i prefer the later) named O.J. (not the juice) who quite literaly got away with murder several years ago, but now is facing charges of armed burglary for taking back stuff that was his in the first place*

    *according to him

    Perhaps he should have used this new technique of evasion rather than the tired old, “i am a celebrity, i can’t get in trouble for any of my actions” line

    Talk about a scam…. celebrities are basically immune from the law here… what’s it like for you?


  5. I don’t think security guards in the UK bother with procedures – they just let shoplifters go in most instances because the courts impose little, or more likely, no penalties.

    Actually, that’s not right – most shoplifters don’t even get to court – they get a slapped wrist and maybe a caution from the police.

  6. standard operating procedure


  7. erm… what is “S.O.P” ?

  8. at first i thought this was for the sake of evasion and was trying to imagine some scenario where that would actually aid in an escape… Everybody drop your guns and get against the wall… I’m serious, do as I say or….I’ll…. well, I guess I’ll have to lactate on you! yeah that’s what I thought… now don’t follow me… you know what happens if you do!

    I was a little dissapointed to discover the real nature of the situation. Still really having trouble picturing how that scenario is going to go down… I mean i’m no expert, but it doesn’t seem like you would have to much range or accuracy without practice (who would take the time to target practice?)

    So how would you get an underpaid, lonely, bored security guard close enough to your…. oh wait…. I think I just answered my own question 🙂

    good post… this should now become part of all security guard training… If you find yourself, having just detained a female shoplifter…. you know S.O.P. kind of stuff… don’t go near them things and all that!

    Imagine the newly recruited SG asking said suspect… are you REALLY attracted to me, or are you just trying to get me close enough for a DNA attack?

    thanks for keeping us all up to speed on the latest trickery


  9. I did have some better ones in mind Col but I then thought better of it 😉

  10. These criminals must be getting very desperate to feed their drug habits or whatever they are stealing for.

  11. I’ve seen some of your other titles Scam – is that the best you could come up with? 😀

  12. Carlos Fandango says:

    When I saw the title I really did have to wonder what this scam was all about. Stitching guards up like that is despicable.


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