BitDefender Release Free MiniDuke Removal Tool

MiniDuke has been very much in the news recently as it becomes the latest piece of malware to become associated with cyber espionage –

“MiniDuke has infected government entities in the Ukraine, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, the Czech Republic and Ireland. In addition, a research institute, two think-tanks, and a healthcare provider in the US were also compromised. A prominent research organisation in Hungary was also infected with the mystery malware. An analysis of logs from command servers, suggest the malware has hit 59 unique victims in 23 countries including locations as diverse as Brazil, Israel, Germany, Lebanon, Spain, the UK and Japan.”
The Register

Now BitDefender, who claim to have identified an earlier version of MiniDuke dating back to at least May 2012, have come up with a free tool which will detect whether you are infected by the malware or not and will also enable you to remove it if you are.


All you have to do to see if you are infected is download the tool – you can pick it up fromĀ – and then run it (I can tell you it is quite a slow process on a well used system though). If you are unfortunate and anything is discovered then the tool will deal with it for you.

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