BitDefender Lifetime Edition RELOADED

BitDefender Lifetime Edition RELOADED. I don’t know why but this made me think that the guys from Romania had just made a movie sequel.

But no.

This is better than a movie.

BitDefender have a new <marketing spiel>limited time offer</marketing spiel> whereby you can grab yourself a copy of their 2012 Internet Security program for the regular price. Nothing special there you might think but, wait, theres more! Yep, buy before the end of May and you’ll actually get not one year of protection for your dollars but five years for the same price.

Thats $79.95 for five years protection from what is both arguably, and in my own opinion, the best internet security suite currently available. That works out at just $15.99 per year for an exceptionally good level of protection.

Personally I think you’d be crazy to pass an offer like this by so click through the link below and get top quality protection for the next 5 years –

Cart Link – Bitdefender Lifetime Edition Reloaded. One time payment, no auto renewal and save up to 70% off on Internet Security 2012 Lifetime Edition. Only $79.95 for 1PC 5YRs. Offer ends May 31st 2012. Buy Now.

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