Leap To A 29% Discount On Top Selling BitDefender Security Products

As I am sure you are well aware, this year is special. Why? Because it is a leap year of course.

To celebrate this 1 in 4 year occurrence BitDefender are celebrating with a new offer on their top notch security products. With there being 29 days in February, 29 is the magic number Рbuy BitDefender Antivirus 2012, BitDefender Internet Security 2012 or BitDefender Total Security 2012 between now and the 15th of March and you will receive a rather impressive 29% discount on the usual price.

Having reviewed many security products this year (check out the links in the sidebar to the right to read them) I have discovered all three of these security programs to be both highly effective at protecting your computer and also excellent value for money. They are all very easy to pick up and use too so just about anyone can invest in the piece of mind that comes from knowing your PC is safe and secure.
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Save 29% on BitDefender 2012 Security programs

Getting your own copy to protect one or more of your netbooks, laptops or PCs is very easy indeed.

To get started click on the image below:

Next, choose whether to add the antivirus, internet security or total security program to your cart. Once you have done this choose how many computers you wish to protect and for how long.

Now add your 29% discount code before checking out.

[box type=”gray”]The 29% off codes are:

  • 29%OFFAV for BitDefender Antivirus 2012
  • 29%OFFIS for BitDefender Internet Security 2012
  • 29%OFFTS for BitDefender Total Security 2012

And thats it! You now have some excellent security software at a great price!

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