Bison’s Libido Receives A Stony Reception

My girlfriend forwarded me an email today about a bison that became overly affectionate with a statue.

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the email in it’s entirety until I have washed her mouth out with soap (where she gets the smut from I will never know)

The email that ‘Scametta’ sent contained a picture and this is an abridged version of what she wrote –

In the first picture the hapless animal is obviously checking out the statue to see if ’she’ is suitable mating material.

Obviously confused, the bison decided to proceed and, if you know anything about bisons, then you will realise that once they start they just don’t want to stop, sometimes remaining in a heightened sexual state for up to 8 hours at a time.

The spectacle attracted a lot of interest, with watchers causing traffic congestion. Some even left their cars and threw stones at the animal in an attempt to discourage him and move him on. However, that did not work and the randy bison continued unabated for several hours.

During his amorous session the bison managed to –

  • Break 2 inches off the left horn
  • Take chips of stone off the right hoof at the rear
  • Leave scratch marks all over the stony figure
  • Deposit blood stains on the rear of the bison
  • Push the statue forward by 8 inches

Has my girlfriend sent me an email hoax or did this really happen?

What do you think?

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