Bigfoot’s Body – Press Conference Reveals JACK!

The press conference about the supposed Bigfoot body discovered by Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer finished around 4 hours ago.

So now it’s over we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Bigfoot really does exist do we?



Ok then, the press conference confirmed that this was all a hoax then?


Well what the heck did the press conference reveal then?


Today’s press conference has been highly anticipated by Bigfoot believers and skeptics alike, both of whom believed that the evidence presented would prove or disprove the myth once and for all.


Unfortunately for both camps, however, the conference didn’t reveal much in the way of any tangible evidence.

Whitton, Dyer and Tom Biscardi (all pictured here) announced that genetic tests which had been performed on samples they took from a carcass of the alleged Bigfoot returned mixed results.

Of the three samples, one returned human DNA, one was possum which, it was suggested, was part of the Sasquatch’s diet, and the last one was inconclusive.

Not to be deterred, Biscardi, Whitton and Dyer then presented two blurry photos to the awaiting reporters.

The first was of a figure in a mixed hardwood forest and the other was a shot of the mouth which had previously been seen on the cryptomundo web site.

Even though it would seem as if the photographs are fuzzy at best, the trio still referred to their discovery as being ‘groundbreaking’.

They are still adamant that the creature they are allegedly in possession of, currently in a secret location, is in fact the body of a dead Bigfoot.

Whitton said, “We’re not Bigfoot hunters originally, we stumbled upon this creature. It was a stroke of luck, I can tell you that.”

Whitton and Dyer claim to have discovered the body whilst hiking in a forest near their home in Georgia back in June.

The carcass has, apparently, been stored in a large freezer since that time.

The exact location of the body is currently unknown.


After the discovery, Tom Biscardi became involved.

Biscardi contacted the media whilst Whitton and Dyer spent several days hyping the discovery up with skeptics.

They also created a YouTube video in which they held a stuffed bear up and reiterated their claims of having found a Sasquatch.

Biscardi sent three seperate samples from the body to a biologist, Curtis Nelson, at the University of Minnesota.

Nelson tested the samples DNA and reported back that most of DNA segments taken from two of the samples matched human DNA.

One sample was a positive match for an American possum.

Biscardi said he believed that this is probably from the Sasquatch’s stomach, though he didn’t elaborate on why DNA had been taken from that region of the creature’s body.

Journalists at the conference remained skeptical, however, believing that the trio should have provided more concrete evidence or, indeed, the body itself.


Those of you who already have an interest in Bigfoot will remember that Biscardi has been here before.

Back in 2005 he claimed to have captured a Bigfoot, only to renounce the claim later, saying he had been duped by a deranged attention-seeking woman.

Whitton and Dyer already have an association with Bigfoot, running expeditions in Georgia, a fact highlighted by the advertising of their website on their baseball caps today.

Biscardi also admitted that he want to ‘make as much money as possible’ from this discovery.


Or is it?

For me, the conclusion of this ‘discovery’ would be the presentation of the body, followed by independent scientific analysis.

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The press conference (shown in the video above) revealed very little however, and certainly no proof.

As far as I am concerned, Bigfoot still remains little more than a myth, and always will do.

I’m of the opinion that these guys are behind a deliberate hoax, designed to raise their profile and boost their income.

What do you think?

Are you someone who believes in Bigfoot?

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  1. I was so angry at that so called press conference and agree with several comments above when you would think some well known credible scientist would have been involved in that press conference. It is so frustrating because I did see bigfoot when I was a girl and was so excited when it was going to be finally proved to the public that yes this is real and bigfoot does live.So many people believe bigfoot is only a myth but to those who have seen him and who spend there lives out in the forests researching and trying to prove of bigfoot’s exsistence this was nothing more than a slap in the face. One other thing that is shady is why in the world have they kept the body in a freezer since June? Why did’nt they contact the police immediatley? Let’s all see what develops in the next few days.

    • Hi Court

      I find it interesting that you say you saw Bigfoot when you were younger – can you share any details about that with us?

  2. Get some good sleep knowing Big Foot can wait!

  3. Surely someone with significant credentials would have been present to validate the BigFoot find to the public. As it appears, it was just the same three men holding a so-called press conference. A real find of this magnitude, after many years of assumed sightings, would have been HUGE! Monumental to say the least if real! What a play on the public! It’s almost laughable watching the above video.

    • Yeah I agree about the video – they definitely seem a little uncertain about the ‘facts’ when fielding some of the questions.

      Also, as you say, if it really was Bigfoot it would be the find of the century, or even the millenium – worthy of more scientific debate and a larger venue at least, I would have thought.

      On that note, I’m off to bed – it’s 4 a.m. !!

  4. Given an infinite amount of time a group of monkies could write the works of Shakespeare so how about we give them a few years in Georgia and see if they can find their big brother?

  5. It was really a waste of everyone’s time. If they really had found something they wouldn’t be putting people through this foolishness – they would have scientifically presented the evidence.

    • I’m with you on that one Kim.

      My belief is that this is a hoax and they will now use delaying tactics in order to generate even more publicity for their Bigfoot expeditions.

      I mean, come on, where was the body today? Why have Russian scientists got to be flown in when American ones are available to run tests NOW?

  6. .oO(the related posts plugin really sucks sometimes)

  7. sucker nation says:

    dumb americans. Biggest proof that US has passed its peak and on the downslope

  8. Sasquatch says:

    This sucks man. I mean, the conference was gonna PROVE existence of old bigfoot wasnt it? So what happened?

    • My opinion : they can’t prove it so they have let it drag on a bit in order to milk the publicity for as long as they can.

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