Big Brother Watch Survey: 68% Of Brits Worried About Online Privacy And Google’s Data Retention

A recent survey by Big Brother Watch has revealed that 68% of the respondents were concerned about online privacy. Almost one quarter of the respondents said they were “very concerned”.


Additionally, more than seven in ten of us Brits back an investigation into Google’s data policies, the survey discovered.

The majority of those who took the survey – 66% of respondents – said that national regulators should be doing more to force Google to comply with the existing European directives on privacy.

The Big Brother Watch survey came after French watchdog CNIL questioned the internet search giant about its decision to pool user data from all its services, including YouTube and Gmail.

Google has not given “any precise and effective answers” on how it will change its approach said regulators, who will meet tomorrow to discuss how to proceed.

“The message from consumers is clear – regulators were right to investigate Google’s new privacy policy and now they need to do more to force the company to comply with the law. Online privacy is an important issue for a significant number of people and not enough is being done to address these fears.”
Nick Pickles, Big Brother Watch

A spokesman for Google said, “Our privacy policy respects European law and allows us to create simpler, more effective services.”

The poll, undertaken by ComRes, interviewed some 2,050 British adults online between February 15th and February 17th 2013.

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