Beware Of Address Bar Spoofing

The problem in everyday life is that sometimes you have to deal with con men. There are all types of con men out there. They come in all different shapes and sizes and also ideology. Some cons are a grey area of the law while others are flat out illegal. They are there to try and trick you out of either your money or a valuable piece of information. They are never going to go away and it is something that you have to get used to.

Just as in real life, you have to deal with the same thing on the internet as well. Even though the media might label them black hat hackers, you are better off just thinking of them in terms of con men as well. They take what they know of the digital realm and use it to their advantage. They are after the same things that con men in the real world are after, valuable information or money.

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On the web, cons are known as web attacks. And if you have owned a computer and have been on the web long enough then there is probably a good chance that you have either seen or have been involved in some kind of web attack. If you were knowledgeable about computer security, even a little bit, then you were probably able to avoid becoming a victim. But if you had no idea at all about computer security at the time then you probably found yourself caught in the trap.

But sometimes it doesn’t matter what you know. Sometimes the bad guys are able to get you even if you know what to look for. A good example of this is the new trend of address bar spoofing. There are some black hat hackers out there who have figured out how to change the address bar to falsely report what web site you are on. It is not an easy to hack to do but they are able to pull it off. An attack like this is able to fool even the most veteran of computer security experts.

This type of attack has to do with a bug being found in the browser. When you come across it the best thing that you can do is probably update your browser. If they have not found a fix for it then you should avoid that web site as much as possible.

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