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Developing a new website is arguably a delicate matter for the HTML novice.

There is a remarkable shortage of print and online material that caters to teaching users, in detail, how to set up and maintain websites.

Dreamweaver is a great choice for web design

Dreamweaver is a great choice for web design

Macromedia Dreamweaver

One of the few that does can be found in Macromedia Dreamweaver.

An aspiring website designer may do well to check out its content rather than just depending on Geocities or hitting the local library for print material about HTML.

Dreamweaver 8 is an application found in Macromedia’s newest suite of software which counts Fireworks and Flash as part of this amazing package.

The last two are but supplements, however, to Dreamweaver, which is designed to assist in website development projects.

The application gives the user a trio of options for viewing the website, whether he or she wants to see the HTML script, the design elements, or both on the same split screen.

This is a versatile feature that can prove handy depending on the user’s prowess.

A group of useful tools provide utility in structuring the site layout, with automatic layering of tables and frames plus available templates to base them on.

This leaves the designer free to explore various creative ideas in the visual department, as these tools take away most of the cares in layout prerequisites.

Image upload and management is made easier with the Create Web Photo Album tool.

This Fireworks-based utility enables thumbnails to be created for each picture, as well as an individual page option.

The thumbnails are embedded on a simple HTML webpage.

This tool comes bundled in the Dreamweaver package, potentially saving the user time spent on code research for images.

The third application in the package, Flash, helps in video setup and upload.

Using Dreamweaver, the user can import a Flash-based video and apply design elements to it for embedding on the webpage.

This allows for more dynamic content to be included in the website, giving it a more sophisticated look than mere text content and images will do.

By employing the Macromedia suite, the novice designer can come up with a professional-looking website even if he or she has no HTML background knowledge.

Dreamweaver makes it easy with its automated features to take care of the basics, and helpful allies found in both Flash and Fireworks for adding more vibrant site content.

Needless to say, Macromedia Dreamweaver is a good buy for the enthusiast trying to build his or her first website.

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