Being Safe When It Comes To Online Flash Games

Flash is a technology that is either loved or hated by many on the internet. And usually no matter which way of the spectrum your feelings about flash are you cannot deny that is really does have its uses for some things. And you cannot also deny no matter what side of the spectrum that you come down on that some people have exploited Flash and made it not likeable in many cases. So you have to accept that Flash as a technology is really useful in a lot of cases but it is also a technology that has been abused in a lot of cases as well. And it is those cases of abuse that we are going to talk about in this article.


One way that Flash is used a lot is in the making of games. There is a good reason for this. When you make a game with the Flash technology you know that it is going to play the same in all of the browsers that it targets. Well that used to be the case until just recently. Now things have changed since the advent of everyone having a smartphone that they use to do their computing. Flash is often not a good option when it comes to smartphones and that is why it is not allowed on platforms such as the IPhone IOS and it is being phased out on Android as well. So it is a lot harder for Flash developers to be taken serious when it comes to the mobile space and that is why a lot of them are moving to using HTML5 and JavaScript to make games.

But there are still a lot of Flash games that are out in the wild. As a matter of fact there are probably millions of them. And that is not going to change anytime soon. Over the past ten years there has been a ton of inventory created when it comes to Flash games and when it comes to playing games on your computer browser you will be seeing them for a long time. But you have to remember that within that bunch there are some games that have a surprise that is waiting for you. And it is not a good surprise; it is the abuse of the technology that we were talking about earlier in the article. There are some bad guys out there who have used the Flash technology to be able to deliver malware to your computer. And those kind of malicious flash files are still out in the wild.

So if you are going to still play games in your browser you have to be careful when you into sites that are filled with Flash games. 99% of websites like this you can trust. They will do nothing to your computer and they will allow you to have a good time while you are playing your games. But there is a dangerous one percent out there that could harm your computer because they are hiding games that have malicious files in them.

That is why you have to take a good look around at the site when you first get there. If the site looks sketchy and seems like it could be hiding surprises then you should probably just trust your instincts and leave. Most sites that put a lot of time in their graphics and ease of use are not going to purposely host malicious files. But if a site looks like it was hastily put together then that could be a sign of danger.

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