Being Able To Protect Yourself When You Are On Your College Network

For a lot of kids it is that time again. It is that time of year that most of them hate because it means giving up the freedom of summer. Yes, it is time for them to go back to school. The summer is starting to wind down and now they will be spending their time hitting the books and trying to learn to be better people. While most kids do not like this time of year, they will find that the time they are having now will be some of the best in their lives.


But the story is different for kids when they are in college. When it is time to go back to school when you are in college, there is a different feeling. You are excited to be there, especially if it is your first year going. You do not have to go and you are there by choice which makes it a lot better as well. And while you are there you tend to want to enjoy everything that college life has to offer. And that means not only will you try to get a good education but you are going to try and entertain yourself with everything that college life will grant you. That means going to sporting events, watching school functions, and hanging out with the friends that you will meet there. But these days being part of the college means that you will also be connected to the local network that they have there. These days most colleges have a local network that the kids who attend the school can connect to. It is part of the college lifestyle. But if the kids are not careful, that local network can be dangerous to their computers as well.

The local network at your college is a benefit to the students where it allows them to have free internet all over the campus. Where once when you were in school you had free computer labs, now you have networks that will pretty much allow you to do the same thing, if you have a computer or a mobile phone. But just like with any other public network that is out there, a college wide network can have both its benefits and its dangers. You have to be able to recognize which is which if you do not want anything to happen to your computer.

There are different types of attacks that can happen when you are on a public network such as this. First of all the other people who are connected to the same network can find your computer by its IP address and attempt to try and intrude on your system. It would be like an intruder trying to get on your computer when you are on the internet except the threat is local.

Another attack that can happen is that you can suffer from a man in the middle attack. This is otherwise known as a MITM attack. This attack involves a black hat hacker setting up a fake entranceway to the network that looks like your schools. Instead of it being your schools network, it is the outside intruders network and they are just waiting for you to try and sign in. While you are on the network instead of the schools, they monitor what you are doing and try to collect as much information about you as they can. They will then turn around and try to use that information against you. They will either sell the information to the highest bidder or they will try to use it themselves.

There are other attacks that you have to worry about as well when you are dealing with a public school network. The major point is that you have to be aware at all times while you are on the network.

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