Be Smart With Your Mouse

Even though this is a pretty interesting title to this article; this might not be the best time for it. The reason why is because we are starting to move away from the mouse as a community. We are moving away from the mouse when it comes to our computers and starting to move towards the touch screen as the new way of doing things. It all started with our mobile phones and now we are starting to see it move towards tablet computing. And pretty soon we will see it in the regular monitors that we use for normal computers. But that is okay because the lessons are still the same no matter how you navigate around your computer screen. It does not matter whether you use a mouse or a touch screen; you still need to be careful when you decide to interact with something on that screen.


Believe it or not, in a not so long ago past, there were a lot of people who were scared to use the mouse on a computer. You still might see it now when you let someone older use your computer and they are not used to it. The mouse way of doing things is only about 30 years old and is probably less than that when you talk about the mass market use of the mouse. But it is the device which allowed people to get comfortable with using the GUI of an operating system. After, their fears wore off about using the mouse of course.

But the problem with using a mouse is that once you do get comfortable, you start to use it a little too much. People who are considered novices when it comes to the computer start to click on everything that they see. Instead of taking their time and making sure that what they are clicking on is correct, they instead click on the item so that they can see what happens next. And that is exactly how security incidents happen. When people are not careful when they are on the computer and they just click on everything that they see. While most of their clicks will be safe, it will be that one time that starts to mess up the computer and then they wonder what happened and blame it on the machines and not themselves.

If you are a user who is computer aware and you see someone who is doing this, then you should really try to stop them and explain to them why it is dangerous. Explain to them that not everything is meant to be clicked on the screen and that they should really read what they are clicking first. It may take some time but I am pretty sure that if you take the time and explain it carefully to them then you will be able to have them come around to your way of thinking.

Now if you are the person who likes to click on everything and not really pay attention to what they are clicking and you just happened to come across this article then I hope that you really pay attention to it. While you may not have been burnt by your behavior so far, you soon will be. And like we said earlier in the article, that goes for the people who have happy fingers as well. If you do not slow down with what you are touching then you too can be a victim of some unhappy computing experiences. Remember no machine is one hundred percent safe from all of the dangers that affect the internet.

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