Be Careful With What You Say On Twitter Or Any Other Social Media Service

When it comes to the internet, one of the great things about it is all of the social media services that are on it. Some people believe that there is too many social media websites on the web. They think that just because Facebook and Twitter are popular that there is not really any need for another service that is like them. That is just not true. There are all sorts of space on the web for more social media websites. There are billions of people who are on the web and a couple of social media websites are not going to be able to satisfy them all. That is why it is great when we see another social media website come out of the woodwork. It is even great when certain social media websites that everyone wrote off as dead come back to life. Social media is a good thing and it is something that shows off the best of the web. Well, in most cases.


There are times when a social media website can be the very worst thing that has ever happened to a person. While most of the people online have good experiences when it comes to social media websites, there are times when people have very bad ones as well. Social media websites can be a lot like life and if you say the wrong thing it can come back to haunt you. People can get upset online just like they do in real life and if you say something to make them upset then you never know how far they are willing to go. There are some people who will just get mad and brush the remark off. There are other people who yell at you through the social media service and that is as far as they are willing to go. And there are other people who are willing to go all out and they will find out where you really live and any other personal information and really try to harm you. That is when social media can go crazy and you really have to think about your security.

There is a good example of this happening now. There was a woman who made a rude tweet to a NFL player. As a matter of fact the rude remark was about a NFL player dead family member. This tweet managed to be retweeted by a lot of twitter users with most of the people expressing how disgusting they were with the comment. There were even some NFL players who commented about the tweet to show their disgust. What happened next probably really surprised the originator of the tweet. All of the sudden her real name was exposed and her place of employment was made public as well. After this happened, a bunch of people started to contact her place of employment to let them know about the tweet and hoping that they would punish her somehow.

This is why if you are going to use social media then you should be really careful with what you send out. Even if you do not tweet anything offensive there might be some people out there who still would like to troll you. And that is why you want to be careful when you put your information out online. Anything that you put out online can come back to harm you later on. So enjoy using social media websites but do not forget to be careful.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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