Bat Falls Asleep In Teenager’s Bra

Here’s a news item that sounds so bizarre that you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a hoax –

Abbie Hawkins from Norwich, England, was shocked to find that movement in her underwear was caused by  a bat that had curled up and fallen asleep in her bra.

The 19 year old thought at first that it was simply her mobile phone vibrating.

Underwear Investigation

Five hours later, however, she summoned up enough courage to investigate her underwear more closely.

When she did, she found a baby bat in the padding of her 34FF bra.

The hotel receptionist said she was shocked when she discovered that her bra had been invaded by a ‘cuddly’ bat.

After being removed the bat scuttled off into the dark before a colleague later caught then released it.

Abbie has been quoted as saying,

It looked quite cosy and comfortable in there so it was quite rude of me to take it out.

When I realised it was a bat the first thing that occurred to me was how did it get in there.

I felt quite sorry for it. Perhaps I should have left it there and given it a good home.

One can only hope that neither the girl nor the bat were too traumatised by their respective ordeals.

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  1. Hi Scam, thanks for dropping by my site. Yes, I am really surprised to know that women do carry keys, mobile phones and loose change in the bra?

    So far, I have not known any female friend that does these. I mean, isn’t that too uncomfortable or inconvenient, especially when your phone is vibrating and you need to pull it out awkwardly just to answer the call?

    Furthermore, radiation from the mobile phone isn’t too good for a person’s health, if it’s held too close to the body.

    • Hi Keith

      That’s a very good point you make there, I’d not considered the issue of radiation at all.

      I didn’t think women would carry such items in their bras but where I work there seems to be several who do – they think it’s more secure than keeping valuables in their pockets.

  2. Sarah Marshall says:

    My firends told me about this and I thought it was a joke until I saw it in the Daily Mail.

  3. She must have been batty not to have noticed it sooner

  4. I bet it was nice and warm in there 🙂

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