Bad Guys Looking To Put Pay Per Install Malware On Android Based Phones

When it comes to the popular smart phones in the world right now there are only two types of phones that people think of. They either think of the IPhone or they think of one of the many Android based phones that are out on the market. Both types of phones are starting to cultivate a rather large fan base and people are starting to feel protective over the phones. It is always good for the company when people start to feel passionate about buying their products. That means that you have a built in base and as long as you keep making quality products then you will always have a large group ready to buy from you.


But even though there are a lot of people who love these types of phones, they have to remember to acknowledge the problems with these types of phones as well. While there are so many things that these phones can do, there are also security problems that you have to worry about. And that goes for both phones. Both types of phones are like minicomputers so the bad guys are going to go after them. But people on the Android side have to admit their phones are being attacked more than phones that are used in the ITunes app store. And the reason why that is happening is because the apps in the iTunes app store are checked all of the time and the apps that are in the Android app store are not checked as thoroughly. Also there are a lot of third party app stores for Android where the apps are not checked at all.

One of the latest attacks on Android based phones are attackers trying to install malware based software on the phone so that they can count as ad clicks. If you are a black hacker if this happens to enough phones you can start to gain a substantial amount of revenue. Once you start to get thousand of installs per day then you can also start to see your money increase very quickly. And this problem is starting to become more pronounce on Android based phones.

It happens because there are a lot of users who go to third party places to install apps for their phones. And some of the third party app stores will provide free versions of the apps that you would normally have to pay for in the normal app store. They also have a bunch of apps that you would not normally find in the main app store because they are considered too racy or way too controversial. It is in these types of places where you start to see the problem. The malware is piggybacked on the download of either the free malware or the pirated malware and then is installed on phone. Once it is on there it creates an artificial install and the person who created the malware gets credit and also gets paid. And now your phone is infected with malware and only if you know about it will you be able to get it off.

You have to remember that not all pay per install is bad. There are some legitimate forms of pay per install marketing. But pay per install that puts malware on your smartphone is always bad and something that you should try to stay away from.

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