Backdoors In Your WordPress Installations

While the web has always been a great way to consume information from all around the world it has not always been easy to share your own. No matter what you think of the web you have to admit that if you are not a technical person then it can be hard to put data out there. That is why web sites which make this process easier are so popular. This includes web sites such as Facebook and Tumblr. And even MySpace before them. With these types of web sites you are able to share your information with others with relative ease. With a few clicks of the button you are able to place video, images, and even text with no problems at all.


But what happens when these types of web sites do not suit your needs? While these types of web sites do make sharing a lot easier than normal, they do have problems all of their own that you have to deal with. First of all you have to deal with size restrictions that they might impose on you. Your files may only be allowed to be a certain size and if they are bigger then there is nothing that you can do about it. Or another problem that people have with these types of services is the terms that you might have to agree with before you post your content. You might have to agree that the service can do whatever it wants to your content after you post it. With terms like this you might lose control of content that took a long time for you to create. Or you might lose control of content that is close and personal to you.

So to bypass these types of problems you might want to place it somewhere you have total control over. And to have total control you need to have a web site of your own. With your own web site you will be able to place on there whatever you want at whatever size that you want. You do not have to worry about anyone taking control of your content. But the problem is that now you are back to it being hard for you to get your content published. You may feel as if you do not have the technical chops to run your own web site. That is why software like WordPress is great.

WordPress started off as an easy to use blog publishing platform but has moved beyond that in recent years. Now you can use WordPress as a full fledged CMS (Content Management System). This allows you to be able to control the data that you put on the web in an easy to use manner. But there is one thing that you do have to worry about and that is the security of WordPress. While it is very secure there have been many holes found in the software.

One of the biggest problems you have to worry about when it comes to WordPress is someone building a backdoor in the software. There is a lot of ways that this happens but most of the time it is when you download the software from somewhere besides the main web site. The software is free and open sourced so it easy to be able to add a single file to it. And someone who is not used to using the software can easily be fooled.

If you want to use the WordPress software the best way to know that it is safe is to download it from the main web site, Or use it from one of the many full service WordPress hosting sites out there.

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