How Can I Avoid Spyware With Windows 7?


You should, by now, be aware that Microsoft is introducing a brand new operating system into its Windows line of OS.

The new operating system is called Windows 7 and from running it, it seems to be a more stable and more secured operating system.

This is very good news for people that may have had security issues with Microsoft products in the past.

Unfortunately some security issues still remain that will not be helped by simply upgrading your operating system.

Spyware still remains a constant annoyance when you are using a computer.

I will try to walk you down the way of avoiding spyware on your system by using common sense and new upgraded technology from Windows and other third party software vendors.

Microsoft has spent years trying to help their third party software creators come up with a solution to the spyware problem.

Windows Defender

Finally a couple of years ago they threw their hat into the ring and introduced a new product called Windows Defender.

This product was shipped with Windows Vista and was available as a free download to Windows XP users.

Now it is again being shipped with Windows 7 and has been much improved.

This system was put down by professional security people in the past but this new updated edition has been getting good reviews for the most part.

Microsoft have taken what they have learned and improved this product a great deal.

Third Party Anti-Spyware Vendors

You will also have third party software vendors that are coming to the party, trying to protect your computer from devious spyware offenders.

Most of the major spyware software manufacturers have been upgraded to include protection for Windows 7 systems.

A lot of these software companies have had to use beta Windows 7 software to test their product so they might be a step behind the companies that Microsoft has closely worked with.

With the release of the new operating system though this will not be an issue much longer.

Once they get their hands on the final OS version, they will be able to keep up with anyone.

The software products Ad-Aware or Malwarebytes still seem to be the best of the breed when it comes to software solutions.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best software on your computer if you do not keep it updated on a regular basis though.

Internet Security Begins And Ends With YOU!

All of the increase technology that comes with installing a new operating system version will not mean anything if you are not using common sense while surfing the Internet.

New technology works a lot better if the person operating the new technology does not work against it.

I do not mean to be harsh but a lot of the problems that people get involved in can usually be avoided with a little common sense.

Most of the time people realize this themselves when they sit and think about it, after they have made the blunder.

So the first thing is that you do not want to go to any strange web sites while surfing the Internet.

If you are not sure about a web site, Google it first to see if anybody has complained about it.

Most web sites that will compromise your system have already been ran across and someone has complained about them.

Also do not download any software or files from people you do not know that you may receive through email or Instant Messenger systems.

This is rarely legitimate and I would even suggest that files that you receive from friends you double check.

Email them first and ask if they sent their files and where did they get the file from.

We have given you both software and common sense solutions that may help you avoid getting spyware or something worse into your system.

It is up to you to maintain vigilance and keep your system safe.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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