AVG South Africa Hacked By Over-x

If you pop on over to the official South African website for security firm AVG right now you’ll get a bit of a surprise,¬†courtesy¬†of a Turkish hacker known as Over-x…


If you follow the non-descriptive link he left on his Facebook account earlier – to avgsa.co.za – then you’ll see the following in place of the regular AVG page –


As you can see, the page has been hacked and defaced. Interestingly, the defacement lists various license details for AVG products.

Whilst I don’t yet know the motive or means of the attack I always find it embarrassing when this happens to a security firm, despite the fact that defacements are becoming increasingly common across the entire web these days.

Of course AVG aren’t the only such victims of defacement lately – a reseller for Avast! was targeted recently and data for 20,000 customers was leaked.

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