Avast! Release Version 8 Of Their Range Of Security Software – Discounts Available

Avast! have today announced the launch of their new Version 8 editions (which can detect entire malware families as I mentioned earlier) of avast! Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus and Internet Security. The much anticipated products are now faster, lighter and offer more secure protection and what’s more, they are available at a discounted rate.


In addition, new for 2013 is avast! Premier, the most premium antivirus solution available. This product is an enhanced version of Internet Security and comes with additional Software Updater and Access Anywhere features.

You can compare the features of the free antivirus, paid antivirus, internet security and premier security products in the table below:


And to get the discounted rate I mentioned earlier?

Simply click through one of the links below (valid all year round):

US – Pro Antivirus 8

NEW PRODUCT: avast! Pro Antivirus Version 8. Buy Now at a $5.00 Off Discounted Rate. Click Here!

US – Internet Security 8

NEW PRODUCT: avast! Internet Security Version 8. Buy Now at a $10.00 Off Discounted Rate. Click Here!

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