From retail to #infosec17

Much has already been written about my journey from retail to information security, and much more will be said in the future, of that I have no doubt (I’m looking forward to visiting Dublin again, already). But still, I am quite amazed myself at this wondrous adventure on which I have embarked. Just 20 months […]

Beer, Swag and #InfoSec16

On what was meant to be a boring school day, I found myself visiting InfoSec16 with my Dad, or boss? Well that’s what my badge made out. I was now my Dad’s employee at SecurityFaqs and a security researcher apparently. The only bad thing about that was I now had a contractual obligation to go […]

Summer is here and that means it’s time to vote for your InfoSec heroes

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again – various infosec awards are being prepared and a few select people will be walking home with shiny new trophies over the coming months. How do you win one, I hear you say. Good question I reply. As things stand, there are two such events open for nominations […]

Cloud Security Expo 2016 – ‘the big con’

This Tuesday and Wednesday, my work colleagues and I attended the Cloud Security Expo at the Excel Centre, London. As ever, our main intention was to sit in on some of the great talks on offer while also making the most of the networking opportunities. Unfortunately, and this is a failing of the venue, many […]

Chocolate, teddy bears and pens – my experience of RANT Reloaded

Yesterday, I and a few of my work colleagues met up in London for a conference I had mixed feelings about – RANT Reloaded. Why mixed feelings? Because I’ve been to these events before and the first two were very good (read about them here and here) but last year’s sucked. Big time. But, hey, Simon and […]