Storm Troopers, Milk And No Beer – Cyber Security Expo 2014

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They say there is a first time for everything and yesterday they were right. Thrice. Despite only living a few miles away from Excel London, I’ve never been to the venue. I’ve also never been to IP Expo either, and I’ve certainly never tried combining such an event with a full day (or evening in [...]

Survey: 80 Percent Of IT Security Professionals Say They Can Detect A Data Breach On Critical Systems Within A Week

Tripwire, Inc. today announced the results of a survey of 215 attendees at the Black Hat USA 2014 security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Industry research shows most breaches go undiscovered for weeks, months or even longer. Despite this evidence, 51 percent of respondents said their organisation could detect a data breach on critical systems [...]

Heartbleed Research Shows Top Companies Are Slow To Mitigate Threat

According to Venafi, 97% of Global 2000 organisations’ public-facing servers remain vulnerable to cyber attacks due to incomplete Heartbleed remediation. This leaves the door open for attackers to spoof legitimate websites, decrypt private communications, and steal sensitive data sent over SSL. Undiscovered for over two years, Heartbleed is an OpenSSL vulnerability that allows attackers to [...]

Emmental, The Swiss Cheese Of Banking Security

Researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a new attack centred around a hole in Android-based two factor authentication systems used by some banks in Austria, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland. The attack begins in a familiar way – the prospective victim will receive a phishing email that will appear to be from a well-known and reputable site. [...]

Brits Abroad: Workaholic Holidaymakers Take Their Insecure Practices And Devices With Them

With the schools out for summer, it’s time for Brits to pack up their suitcases and jet off to sunnier destinations, and a new July 2014 survey from ESET in conjunction with One Poll has revealed most people won’t be forgetting their work-enabled mobile device in their luggage this year, with the anticipation of having to [...]