GCHQ And NSA Harvesting Data From Angry Birds And Other Apps

Angry Birds NSA GCHQ

Spies in Britain and the US have been harvesting data from popular smartphone and tablet apps according to new revelations that come from documents leaked by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Those documents suggest that games, social networking apps and mapping tools are providing the intelligence community with location data and information about users’ age, sexual [...]

If You Buy Ads Make Sure You Are Not Falling Victim To Click Attacks


There are all types of ways for black hat hackers to be able to make money by scamming people who run ads on the web. An ad only works when you bring someone in who wants to buy the item that the ad is advertising for. If you are just getting someone who clicks on the ad with no purpose of being there then that means you are losing money for no reason.

Protect The Orders You Get Online


There are still plenty of offline threats that you have to worry about as well. So when you are expecting a package make sure you keep a sharp eye out for it. There are plenty of bad guys out there who are looking for it as well.

The Threat of Cross-Platform Malware #Infographic


Just a few years ago I remember reading many articles and comment sections on a number of blogs and websites where opinions about operating systems and malware were interesting to say the least. Back in the day, many seemed to think that Windows was the only operating system that had a problem with viruses and [...]

Be Careful When You Configure Your Operating System


When you have any system that allows the user to change any aspects of it there are bound to be holes. It is up to you as the end user to make sure that the changes that you are making does not lead to security problems down the line.

Safer Surfing: Secure Your Router

If you have grown up in the internet age then being able to navigate all of the technology that you see probably comes a little bit easier to you. But if you are someone who was used to doing things a certain way before the internet then you might be a little lost when it [...]