The EU Security Blogger Awards 2015

Host Unknown

After leaving BSidesLondon I walked back to Olympia for the EU Security Blogger Awards, keen to see whether the Naked Security blog would win one or both of the categories it was nominated in. I was also feeling really excited for some of my friends who were nominated in other categories – I had high hopes they’d scoop at least […]

Rookies, Blue Pills And Mars Bars – BSidesLondon 2015


With InfoSecurity (I had a great time) almost done for another year (more later), Wednesday was BSidesLondon day. Riding into town on the tube (I got a seat!) I reflected on years gone by – the first BSidesLondon was the first conference I ever attended – and how things had changed. Gone were the nerves […]

How InfoSec15 Turned My Daughter Into The Coolest Jedi In Town

Brian Honan

A long time ago, in a retail store far, far away, I booked 3 days off work so I could do the annual InfoSecurity/BSidesLondon thing. Then, far more recently, my parents dropped the bombshell that they were coming to stay at the same time (they live in the Outer Rim and don’t come back to Blighty […]

#44CON Cyber Security – Wildebeest, Gollum And Whisky

Jess Barker

Before Tuesday it would be safe to say that I was suffering withdrawal symptoms, having not attended a conference since last October when I made it over to IP Expo. So I was rather keen to get cracking and make my way over to SW6 for 44CON, an event I’d never been to before (the […]

France Blocks 5 Websites Without A Court Order

blocked french sites

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter Gerald Seymour, Harry’s Game The authorities in France have used new powers to block five websites accused of “condoning terrorism,” giving internet service providers just 24 hours to put in place “all necessary measures to block the listing of these addresses.” The banning order is the first […]