Imperva: 48% Of All Web Application Attacks Target Retail


Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you’ll already be aware that there have been a large number of data breaches recently and that some of the higher profile among them have been aimed at retailers, including Target and Home Depot. Now, according to a new report from Imperva Inc, retail is the number […]

Wearable Litigation – Fitbit Data Could Be About To Set A Legal Precedent

While there are undoubted benefits of using wearable fitness devices, I myself have reservations about the new technology. My prime concern surrounds the storage and privacy of data produced by the devices – can we be sure it will be retained securely? Can we be certain that the small print on any online agreements we signed […]

What The Hack? Over Half Of UK Businesses Would Consider Risky Recruitment Practices

While the country at large continues to struggle through the aftermath of the 2008 banking crisis, the world of InfoSec continues to live in a bubble of its own making. As millions of people continue to live from paycheck to paycheck, struggling with negligible annual pay rises (and they are the lucky ones), security professionals […]

Privacy Campaigners Rejoice! AT&T Disables Supercookies, Verizon To Offer Opt Out

In a video I watched earlier this week all round top man and tattoo destroyer Raj Samani made the obvious (to some) observation that the value of personal data continues to increase while, interestingly, the perceived value to the person it belongs to continues to drop. In time, he said, that will change and, thanks […]

IT Pros Also Guilty Of Risqué Selfies On Their Mobiles

It appears that Jennifer Lawrence is not the only one with risqué photos on her mobile device. According to a new survey from ESET, 39 percent of the UK’s leading IT professionals have also confessed that if they were to lose their phone, some of the photos and information they have stored on the device […]