Attempting To Hide Encrypted Messages In VOIP

The biggest improvement in life when it comes to the internet is not that we are able to watch videos. Or chat with friends. It is the fact that we are able to communicate in an entirely new way than we were able to before. All manners of communication are possible now and it will only get better in the years to come. One of the vast improvements that we have seen due to the internet is the way that we use the phone. We are now able to use a technology called VOIP in replacement for the old style phone service that we used before.


VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and it allows us to be able to replace standard telephone communication by talking over the web. This technology is being used more and more by the average person. Many of these people do not even realize that they are not using the normal phone system anymore. But because VOIP is so unique in nature there are several tricks that it is able to do which security professionals are just starting to explore now.

One of the tricks that is being explored right now is the ability to be able to hide encrypted messages inside of the telephone call. This means that while you are talking you will also be able to send a private encrypted message that will travel inside of the same data that is being sent during the phone call.

The prospects of this type of technology are scary for some people. The way that this type of technology could be used could swing both ways. It could be both used for good and for bad. It can be used to spy on your phone call or send data to your computer that you do not want there. But it could also be used as another way to be able to send a private message without anyone being able to intercept it.

This type of technology is nowhere near from being completed. Right now it is all just theory and there are several security research companies working on the prospects right now. But if it does start to work you will see companies and bad guys trying to exploit the technology as much as they can. The temptation that is there is just too much. But overall the good that this type of technology could do far outweighs the bad.

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