Asian Teenage Hackers To Join MI5 To Fight Cyber Terrorism

Hackers to join MI5?

According to a recent report in The Sunday Express, the British spy agency MI5 has begun recruiting teenagers to aid their fight against cyber terrorism which it claims is emanating from China, Russia, Pakistan and even Belmarsh maximum security prison!!

MI5 is believed to have already hired around 50 hackers, most of whom are young Asians, to work in their newly formed top secret Cyber Operations Command, a function which has a close working relationship with the Pentagon.

Each of the youngsters has had to sign the “Official Secrets Act” which means they cannot even tell their friends, girlfriends or parents what they are getting up to when they work in the Security Service building which is located next to The Thames in London.

In a report to Lord West, the Security Minister, it was revealed that during this summer alone there were over 1,000 hits made on computers in Whitehall.

Other key assets to have been targeted include power stations, air traffic control and the city of London.

It is also believed that accountants, banks and other financial organisations have come under attack from Chinese state organisations.

As with all security personnel, the teenagers are subject to high detail background checking of the same level used to vet other members of the intelligence community.

According to Lord West, the new recruits are –

“youngsters who use their talents to stop other hackers from closing down this country”.

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  1. Seigha Filatei says:

    Hacking is sooo dope!!

  2. seigha filatei says:

    my life dream is to become a computer engineer, hacker and super secret spy and i wish it would come true


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