Arnold Schwarzenegger To Barack Obama : Let Me Go After Bin Laden Alone

If you’ve seen any of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s films then you’ll know that he’s the complete action hero.

So who better than ‘The Terminator’ to go after the elusive Bin Laden?


Well now it seems that the Governor of California may be planning to do just that if the following SMS messages found on President Obama’s Blackberry is anything to go by –

FROM: Arnold Schwarzenegger
TO: Barack Obama
SUBJECT: Let me go after Bin Laden alone

Dear Mr. President,

Listen to me: with a parachute, some Red Bulls and a crossbox I could capture Bin Laden in 24 hours. I could even do it naked. I will grow my hair long for this

Really, it would like fighting a homeless man: so easy. A NURSE COULD BEAT HIM UP. What’s the problem?! Drop me in there.


Watching Arnie go after Bin Laden would be great but I wouldn’t be so optimistic of success.

After all, he already knows how its not easy finding someone who wishes to remain hidden –

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Of course the story isn’t true –  its from a book being published by Little Brown on June the 8th this year.

The spoof publication was reported upon by the Fox news website but an Iranian website – – appear to have taken the story as being totally true.

Said book contains several other ‘Blackberry communications’ from the President’s cell phone, as discovered by ‘cyber terrorist’ Kasper Hauser (who are in fact a San Francisco based sketch comedy outfit).

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  1. Nice Predator trailer, was it created by a fan or something?

  2. I don’t know about you but I could just imagine Arnie going into Afghanistan by himself to get Bin Laden.

  3. Carinna says:

    This really made me lol.


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